Aid to Afghanistan Halted By World Bank


The World Bank is a lot of help to the situation in Afghanistan right now. This has become the latest international organization that are actually doing something to help the people but recently they have taken the decision to pause aid disbursements to Afghanistan. This was decided after the takeover by the Taliban. A lot of things have been happening and changing following the Taliban’s takeover.

The Islamic militant group has come to power in a violent way and this is not a very ideal situation for the people of Afghanistan. They have now been under the control of the Afghan capital of Kabul for a little over one week of time at the moment. This can be the beginning of a new era of terror in Terrorist and Terrorism.

Aid to Afghanistan Halted By World Bank

It had been marked by the collapse of the government of Afghanistan as the United States as well as or maybe and allied troops withdrew from the war-torn country after 20 years of ruling and maintaining peace in there.

What is going to happen to the people is a common question that is being asked around the world. The world leaders are also criticizing the United States for such a drastic decision.

“We are very much deeply concerned regarding the matter at hand about the crisis in Afghanistan. We are also worried about the very impact that this is going to cause on the country’s development prospects, especially in the case of women,” a spokesperson for the World Bank said to the news in a message that he sent. This is indeed a matter of concern.

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The World Bank throughout the years have been a big help and they have committed more than a hefty and huge sum of  $5.3 billion for development projects in Afghanistan. What comes next is only for us to wait and see. Send prayers to all the people of Afghanistan.

A look at the news will tell you how panicked everyone is. Truly our hearts go to the people of Afghanistan who are fighting back or trying to escape the country. It is a real drastic change in nature.


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