How To Delete A Page In Word


For document generation, Microsoft Word is a household name. Blank pages are created in the document. Empty or blank pages in documents send the wrong message to editors and potential employers. Before transmitting any papers, we must verify that all blank or undesirable pages have been erased.

How To Delete A Page In Word That Contains Text and Graphics?

To keep things straight, removing only the blank page is not the same as removing the page with all the text and pictures. To begin, we need to know how to remove a page that includes both text and visuals.

How to Guides
How to Guides

Step 1: In order to delete a page, we must first select it and then click anywhere on it to bring up a new blank page. We can use the Go To function by pressing Ctrl+G on Windows or option+CMD+G on a Mac, or we can simply scroll down the page.

Step 2: Next, we need to pick the full page again because Microsoft Words needs to know that we want to erase the complete page, not just the content.

Step 3: Using Windows, press Ctrl+G to go to the Go To function, and using a Mac, press option+CMD+G to go to the Go To function. Then, in the box labelled Page Number, we need to input the page number. If you don’t want to continue, you can either click the enter key or go to a different function.

Remove the page from the document after this step. Despite the fact that we’ve already selected the complete page to be deleted, Microsoft Word does not provide an in-built delete feature for pages. To erase a page, first make sure you’ve picked the entire thing you want to get rid of, and then click the delete button.

Selecting paragraph authors is the final step. The Shift button can be used to pick the paragraph makers. Removed paragraph makers can be deleted by clicking the delete button on a blank page.

In Word, How Do You Delete a Blank Page?

The end of a document in Microsoft Word is normally blank. It’s illogical on every level. To remove a blank page, there are a few actions we must take.

Step 1: The first step is to go to the view option from the top menu and select the Navigation Pane option from the drop-down list. In order to view all of the document pages, you must first click on the left-hand side menu. If it doesn’t appear, we need to make sure that the pages tab is selected.

Step 2: Next, go through the list until you find the blank page you wish to remove. After seeing the undesired page, double-clicking it is the only way to remove it. We must now keep in mind that pressing CMD+8 on a Mac will display the paragraph markers. Ctrl+Shift+8 is the key combination to use if we’re running Windows.

We can alter the font size of the paragraph markers in step three. For paragraph markers, we need to go to the Home tab and type “1” in the font size box, then click the Enter button to save the change.

Afterwards, we can simply remove the paragraph markers. Ctrl+shift+8 button on Windows, and command+8 button on Mac, are the keys to hide the paragraph markers.


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