How to Make a Lead in Minecraft


Start by placing a string in the first two boxes of the first row and a slimeball in the box directly below to establish a lead. Finally, in the very last row’s final box, drop a string, and drag the resulting lead into your Minecraft inventory.

A lead is a leash that may be used on any passive “mob” or mobile creature in Minecraft, including sheep, cats, dogs, and more. This rope may be used in either direction, so you can either drag the animals behind you or secure them to something like a fencepost.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

Understanding the Minecraft Lead

In Minecraft, a lead is a crucial item used to tether animals and mobs to a fence post or another entity, such as a player or another mob.

Leads are indispensable for managing and transporting animals, especially when dealing with livestock, tamed pets, or animals in the wild. They play a vital role in keeping animals from wandering off and ensuring efficient farming and animal husbandry.

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Key Aspects of the Minecraft Lead:

  1. Tethering Mobs: Leads allow players to connect animals, mobs, and other entities, effectively leashing them to a specific location or to the player’s control.
  2. Mob Transportation: Leads are essential for safely moving animals, such as horses, cows, and pigs, from one location to another without the risk of them wandering off.
  3. Farming and Breeding: Leads facilitate the management of livestock by keeping them within designated areas, making it easier to breed and harvest resources.
  4. PvE Applications: In player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios, leads can be used to control and position hostile mobs for various purposes, including farming drops and XP.
  5. Crafting Ingredient: Leads are used in crafting other items, such as banners and balloons, adding to their versatility in the game.

Significance of Crafting a Lead in Minecraft

Crafting a lead in Minecraft holds significant importance within the game:

  1. Mob Management: Leads enable players to efficiently manage animals and mobs, keeping them under control, whether for farming, transportation, or protection.
  2. Exploration: Leads are valuable when exploring Minecraft’s vast world with tamed pets or horses, ensuring that they stay by your side and don’t get lost.
  3. Farm Efficiency: When it comes to farming and breeding livestock, leads streamline the process, allowing players to maintain order and maximize resource yields.
  4. Mob Farms: For players interested in creating automated mob farms, leads are crucial for positioning and organizing hostile mobs to optimize drop rates and XP.
  5. Crafting Possibilities: Leads serve as a crafting ingredient for other items, expanding their utility and providing opportunities for creative designs and projects.

What does the Minecraft Lead Do?

It is common practice to use leads to tether animals and mobs to the player’s movement or to confine them to a certain area. Yet, it can be entertaining to experiment with some out-of-the-ordinary leads.

In addition to tamable neutral animal mobs, players can also control hostile monsters and mobs like golems. If necessary, this will allow you to circumvent the usual methods of dealing with hostile mobs.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

If you have a field full of horses but no method to direct them, you’re stuck. In order to accomplish this, you will require a lead (or leash). Leads can also be used to immobilize a crowd by tethering them to an immovable object like a fence or post.

Learn the basics of how to make a lead in Minecraft Gather together a crafting space, four Strings, and a single Slimeball.

Step 1. Open the Crafting Menu

To begin, spread out your crafting mat to reveal a 3×3 grid.

Step 2. Add Items to make a Lead

The crafting screen will provide a 3×3 grid for your crafting endeavors. Using a 3×3 crafting grid, arrange 4 strings and 1 slimeball to build a lead. Leads can only be successfully constructed if the strings and slimeball are arranged in the precise fashion depicted in the image below.

There should be 1 string in the first box of the first row, and 1 string in the second box of the first row. One string needs to go into the first box in the second row, and one slimeball needs to go into the second box.

Put 1 string into the third box in the third row. In Minecraft, a lead is created using this formula. Once you’ve got the perfect pattern in the crafting area, the next step is to get the lead into the box on the right.

Step 3. Move the Lead to Inventory

After finishing a batch of leads, you should add them to your stock.

How to Use a Lead

Leads cannot be used in any other Minecraft crafting recipes. The only purpose they serve is to direct the movement of crowds. Yet, they have a plethora of mechanisms centered on this task.

How to Leash a Mob With a Lead

Go up to the crowd while holding a Lead and use it on a single member of the crowd to ensnare them. Because of the loop that forms around them, you can tow them in any direction.

Leashing numerous mobs at once is possible, but each horde will require its own Lead. In addition, using the Lead on them a second time will unleash the crowd.

Tying Mobs to Fences by Using Leads

One end of the Lead can be used to secure the mob to a fence post. Mobs can share a fence post, but each one needs its own Lead. You should harness your preferred Horses and Donkeys to avoid losing them to despawning.

Mob Types You Can Leash With Leads

The game’s non-hostile animals, non-playable characters, and standard monsters can all be tamed and led around on a leash.

This means that you can move whatever you need to in order to accomplish your goals. You can use this to your advantage while raising animals or recruiting new villagers.

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You may collect raw meat to restore your health by killing various animals in Minecraft. If they try to run away from you, use a lead to attach them to yourself. This will cause them to start following you around, allowing you to set up endless food farms with a wide range of options.


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