How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft


There was no way to win at “Minecraft” when it initially came out. You could play for as long as you liked, or until you got lost in the woods and perished. Yet a final boss, the Ender Dragon, was added a few years into “Minecraft’s” life.

After you have vanquished this airborne behemoth, the game’s credits will roll and you will be rewarded with a trophy. You’ll need something called an End Portal to go to the Ender Dragon.

The End Portal is a doorway into “The End,” the realm of darkness where the dragon resides. A broken End Portal must be located deep underground and fixed with the Eyes of Ender if Survival or Hardcore difficulty is selected.

You can quickly and easily construct one out of whatever you seem to have lying around in the endless supply that is your inventory when in Creative mode.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

We’ve got you covered with instructions on how to locate an End Portal in Survival mode, or make one from scratch in Creative mode. This article will cover all how to make an end portal in Minecraft.

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Understanding the End Portal in Minecraft

The End Portal is a rare and unique structure in Minecraft that serves as a gateway to the End dimension. It is a rectangular frame made of End Portal Frames, which are found in strongholds, one of the game’s underground structures.

The End Portal is both a symbol of adventure and a means to reach the climactic battle against the Ender Dragon, a formidable boss mob.

Key Aspects of the End Portal in Minecraft:

  1. Structure: The End Portal is constructed using End Portal Frames, which are blocks resembling a gray, eye-shaped frame. These frames are often found empty in strongholds but can be activated to create a functional portal.
  2. Dimension Access: Activating the End Portal allows players to enter the End dimension, a desolate realm inhabited by Endermen and ruled by the Ender Dragon.
  3. Endgame Challenge: The End dimension is home to the game’s final boss, the Ender Dragon. Confronting and defeating this mighty adversary is the ultimate goal for many players.
  4. Return Portal: Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, a return portal is generated in the End, allowing players to return to the Overworld with their well-earned rewards.

Significance of Making an End Portal in Minecraft

Creating an End Portal in Minecraft is significant for several reasons:

  1. Adventure and Challenge: The End Portal marks the beginning of an epic adventure, culminating in a battle against the powerful Ender Dragon, one of the game’s most challenging encounters.
  2. Achievement and Progression: Accessing the End dimension and defeating the Ender Dragon is a major milestone in Minecraft, representing a player’s progress and skill in the game.
  3. Endgame Content: The End Portal opens up endgame content and offers players a sense of accomplishment as they tackle the game’s final boss.
  4. Collecting Resources: The End dimension contains valuable resources, such as End Stone and Ender Pearls, which can be collected and used for various purposes.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

With 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eyes of Ender, you can create your own End Portal and quickly enter the End dimension. Yes, I think we can do that.

If you want to construct the Final Portal, you have to stay in one place and arrange the portal frames in a circle around you. This guarantees that the Eyes of Ender will be pointing in the right direction when the portal needs to be activated.

Step 1. Build the Frame

Twelve End Portal Frames will serve as the basis for your portal’s framework. A portal’s first side requires three end frames to be set up. After that, you can turn to the right and set up the last three end portal frames for the portal’s opposite face.

If you want to keep the portal closed, you need to make sure the green tabs at the top of the end frames are facing inward.

As a further step, turn to the right and set up the final three portal end frames for the portal’s third side. The green tabs at the top of the portal frames must again face the portal’s inside.

Step 2. Complete the End Portal by Adding the Eye of Ender

The 12 Eyes of Ender are the final piece of the End Portal’s puzzle. Put the Eyes of Ender into the frame blocks at both ends of the portal while standing in the portal’s center. 11 of Ender’s Eyes have been added to the mix so far.

While you might be tempted to add the 12th Eye of Ender while standing in the portal’s sweet spot, you should resist the urge. If you do this, the portal will open and you will be sucked into it, taking you to the End dimension.

The final Eye of Ender must be added from outside the portal or slightly above it. Finally, the final portal opens. The Ender Dragon can be fought in the End dimension. This is the quickest route to the final destination.

How to Complete an End Portal Found in a Stronghold

If you’d rather do things the old-fashioned way, a Stronghold likely has a gateway frame already built and waiting to be used. To locate the Stronghold and open the gateway, you will need at least ten Eyes of Ender.

Step 1. Find the Stronghold

To locate the Stronghold in Minecraft, you must first utilize an Eye of Ender. To determine the direction the Eye of Ender will fly in, select it from your hotbar and release it. What button to press in order to launch the Eye of Ender varies from Minecraft version to Minecraft version.

If you’re using a PC or Mac and the Java Edition, you can use the right mouse button to launch the Eye of Ender. To aim the Eye of Ender’s launch in Pocket Version (PE), tap the screen there.

The L2 button on the PS3 or PS4 controller is used to access the menu system.

Choose the LT button on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.

To launch the Eye of Ender in Windows 10 SE, simply use the right mouse button.

To use the ZL button on the Wii U controller, press Z.

To use the ZL button, press the face button and then the Z button simultaneously on a Nintendo Switch controller.

To fling the Eye of Ender in the Education Edition, simply right-click on the icon.

See how the Eye of Ender rises into the air, pauses, and finally falls back to the ground.

What you need to do is head in this direction. You can try throwing the Eye of Ender again, if it did not shatter.

Keep lobbing the Eye of Ender into the air until it floats motionless above a single point. Your fortress, or Stronghold, is situated here.

Once you’ve located the Stronghold, you’ll have to make your way through its corridors in quest of the End Portal’s framework.

It’s unlikely to be right where you start digging, so be prepared to put in some time and effort.

2. Complete the End Portal by adding the Eye of Ender

It will take 12 Eyes of Ender to complete the End Portal’s 12 blocks. One or two of the Eyes of Ender may already be in place; all you have to do is add the remaining 10–11 to make the final portal.

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You must use the End Portal to get to the End universe. Defeating the Ender Dragon requires venturing into the End dimension, hence this ability is crucial to the game’s growth.

There must be 12 individual end portal frames, each with an eye of ender placed in it, for the portal to function properly. The construction of an end portal requires setting up three frames, one for each portal wall.

After that, you should spin around and set up frames for the Final Portal on all four walls. Then, carefully add the Eye of Enders to each End Portal frame by clicking on each frame while holding the Eye of Enders; you don’t want to fall through.

Hope you are now aware how to make an end portal in Minecraft.


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