India Slams UK’s New Travel Rules


India has gone and slammed the UK’s decision that was currently made. It was done in order to protect the United Kingdom as per the records but this had upset India a lot. The rules are mostly travel guidelines that the UK had put out.

It is said that the Indians have been excluded from this new set of travel guidelines which had prompt the statement from the government of India saying that this was a discriminatory move and that there would be reciprocal measures taken.

India Slams UK's New Travel Rules

The British government had passed the law that from the next month the fully Vaccinated people who are traveling from other countries to England will not have to spend days in quarantine upon arrival. However, they have excluded Indians from this rule.

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This means that even if a fully vaccinated Indian goes to England as a traveler then also they have to stay in quarantine for a few days upon the arrival. Thus this statement had lead to serious talks from the Indian government who are calling this act discrimination.

The problem is that the vaccine in India is from Oxford University but they are manufacturing it locally in India by the serum team. This vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization as to be used because of emergency measures.

“The basic issue that we are facing here is that a vaccine, Covishield, which is known as a licensed product of a United Airlines company, however being manufactured in India,” said Harsh V Shringla who is India’s foreign secretary on Tuesday.

“We have supplied 5 million doses to the United Kingdom at the request of the government.” “Therefore when it was said that there was a non-recognition of Covishield, it is seen as a discriminatory policy,” he added.

What happens now is yet to be seen. Only time will tell us what the future holds.

Quarantine Requirements

The UK’s quarantine requirements for travelers arriving from India have been a topic of significant discussion. As of 2023, travelers from India are generally required to quarantine upon arrival in the UK.

However, the specifics of the quarantine period and exemptions may change based on the prevailing COVID situation. It is essential to check the latest guidelines from the UK government and the Indian authorities before traveling.

Current COVID Rules in the UK

The COVID rules in the UK can vary depending on the current situation. As of 2023, the UK may have measures in place such as mask mandates, social distancing, and capacity limits in public spaces.

Travelers should keep themselves informed about these rules and comply with them during their stay in the UK.

Required Documents for Travel from India to the UK

When traveling from India to the UK, there are several essential documents you need to carry:

  • Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay in the UK.
  • Visa: Check the UK visa requirements for Indian citizens and obtain the appropriate visa if necessary.
  • COVID-19 Test Results: You may be required to present negative COVID-19 test results, including PCR or antigen tests, taken within a specific timeframe before your departure.
  • Passenger Locator Form: Complete the UK’s Passenger Locator Form online before your journey, providing information about your travel plans and contact details.
  • Travel Insurance: Having comprehensive travel insurance that covers COVID-related expenses is highly recommended.
  • Vaccination Certificate: Carry your COVID-19 vaccination certificate to demonstrate your vaccination status.

High-Risk COVID Status

The term “high-risk COVID” refers to countries or regions with a significant prevalence of COVID-19 cases or variants of concern.

India has experienced fluctuations in its COVID status, and the UK may categorize it as high-risk at times. Travelers from high-risk countries like India may face stricter entry requirements, including quarantine and testing.

Isolation with COVID in the UK

If you test positive for COVID-19 while in the UK, you may be required to isolate, depending on the severity of your symptoms and the prevailing guidelines.

Isolation is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus, and travelers should be prepared for the possibility of isolation if they contract COVID-19 during their stay.

COVID Testing in the UK

As of 2023, the need for COVID testing in the UK can vary. Travelers should check the latest requirements for testing upon arrival, during their stay, and before departure. Some individuals may be required to take multiple tests during their visit to ensure safety.

Customs Declarations and Cash Limits

When traveling to the UK from India, you must declare certain items at UK customs, including:

  • Cash: Travelers carrying £10,000 or more (or the equivalent in other currencies) in cash or equivalent financial instruments must declare it upon arrival in the UK. Failure to do so can result in fines or confiscation.

It’s crucial to be aware of these customs rules and limits to ensure a smooth entry into the UK and avoid legal issues.

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Navigating the UK’s new travel rules in 2023, especially when traveling from India, can be a complex process.

The quarantine requirements, COVID rules, necessary documents, and customs declarations are subject to change, making it essential for travelers to stay updated with the latest information from both the UK and Indian authorities.

Planning ahead and adhering to the guidelines will help ensure a safe and hassle-free journey to the United Kingdom.


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