‘Kik for PC’ Download – Use Kik Messenger App in Windows 10/8/7


Kik for PC has emerged out as a massive success in the instant messaging, and video calling domain and secured a top notch in the Web Stores. Besides having a very user-friendly interface, Kik has many features which make it great application.

Kik messenger was initially developed for Android, Mac, and Windows. Kik App is available on various Web Stores and Plays store for Free.

Kik for PC Download - Use Kik Messenger App in Windows 10

You don’t need any phone number for login, just pick a username and you are ready to connect. Just download Kik on your PC by the methods explained here and say Hi! to your Kik friends far away from you.

You must be wondering why Kik for PC is so popular and if you are not familiar with the application, here’s all you need to know about Kik Messenger.

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Features of Kik Messenger

1. User-Friendly Interface

what is kik messenger app

Kik for PC has an excellent and user-friendly interface which allows you to communicate with your friends and family with ease and various features keep you intact with the application throughout the conversation.

2. Exciting Experience

kik messenger online chatting

Kik for PC, Android and Mac gives you an exciting experience as it provides you accessibility to its thematic structure lets you adjust it to your preferences. Make your conversations better with Images, Videos, Emojis or a GIFs, Kik has everything.

3. Integrated Web Browser

Kik for PC has an integrated web browser that enables a user to open links and documents in the application itself without the need of a Dedicated Web Browser. As Kik Messenger lets you share links you can directly check them out from the integrated browser without wasting any time.

4. Chat History

KIK chat history

Kik for PC, Android and Mac lets you keep your messages with you without any fear of losing it. It can retrieve your chats by clicking the ‘History’ option to watch over any message that is not visible in the chat window.

5. Customization

Kik for PC lets you customize the messenger environment with chat themes and notification ringtones for separate contacts. Life is much easier when you know who knocks with which sound.

Now you have explored the great features available to you in Kik for PC, and you must be impressed by it.

Methods To Download Kik For PC

Now if you want to download Kik on your PC here’s your ultimate guide.

Method 1: Android EMULATOR METHOD

PCs and Mac have plenty of messaging and video calling apps, but the Android market has some fantastic and easy to use applications that you might want to run on your system. In this condition, Android emulators come to our rescue.

Android emulators are software that provides a platform for Android applications ( .apk files) to run on the computer system. A variety of Android emulators are available on the internet and here is the list of the top 5 Android emulators that you can use to Run .apk files on your PC.

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Genymotion
  3. Android SDK
  4. Android
  5. Remix OS

(A) Installing the Android Emulator

Blusestacks is one of the top Android emulators, and you can download it for free from the official link.

Kik on PC with BlueStacks

Now that you have downloaded Bluestacks (or any other emulator), it’s time to install it and check out its excellent utility.

Step 1 – First, locate the folder in which you have downloaded the Emulator setup.

Step 2 – Then Run the .exe setup by clicking on it Twice.

Step 3 – Now an installation wizard will appear on the screen and will guide you through the process.

Step 4 – Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

(B) Downloading KIK App for PC

Now that you have downloaded and installed Blusestacks (or any other emulator), all we need is a .apk file of the Kik messenger. You can directly download the .apk file from the Store.

Step 1 – First of all open the folder in which you have downloaded the apk file.

Step 2 – Then you will be able to see the BlueStacks logo on file.

Step 3 – After that double-click on it, and it will install and Run Automatically.

Step 4 – If you have installed any other Emulator, Right click on the Kik APK file and choose your installed emulator in the dialog box to open it with the installed emulator.

Everything is complete, and you are ready to chat. Just sign in to Kik App, pick a username and say Hello to your Kik Friends!

Method 2: Using Kik By Chrome Extension Method

Google Chrome lists as a top web browser and supports endless utilities and extensions. Kik for PC can be used by the Kik Messenger Extension also. Here is a Chrome Extension for Kik:


Step 1 – At first, Open Google Chrome and type Kik Extension in the search bar.

Step 2 – Then, click on the official link of Kik Extension for Chrome.

Step 3 – Lastly, click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ button appearing on the next page.

Hurray! Your Kik Messenger Extension is added to chrome. Open the extension and chat with your beloved ones.

Method 3: Web Browser Method (Without Installation)

For some reasons, you don’t want to download the emulator in your system and also don’t want to add into your customized extensions. So how will you be able to operate the amazing features of Kik for PC? Do not worry; we bring to you the no installation method in which no downloading process is involved.

Step 1 – In the first place, open any Online Emulator like Manymo which emulate Android applications for PC online.

Step 2 –  Then, Create an account to use the Online Emulator.

Step 3 –  After that, login with your account details and launch the Emulator.

Step 4 –  Then, you need to select the ‘Open with an App‘ option displayed on the screen

Step 5 –  Next, browse for the apk file that you have downloaded and click “OK“.

Step 6 – Ultimately, the application will open within a few seconds in the Browser.

Now you are all set to login Kik and enjoy twisty and exciting conversations with your friends and family.

Method 4: Web Store Method

All the above methods involve some or the other kind of complexity and if you are not well versed with online emulating and installation, here’s an alternative for you. You can download the Kik for PC Online directly from the Web Store.

Step 1 – At the onset, open the official website of Kik Messenger.

Step 2 – Next, click download and Install.

Step 3 – Finally, log in to your KIK Account and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1: I Have Still Not Received the Confirmation Email. What Should I Do?

A1: There may be a technical or network problem that is inhibiting the confirmation email. Try the resend confirmation email option, and you’ll get the email shortly then.

Q2: What Does the Red Exclamation Signify in the Kik PC App?

A2: The red exclamation signifies that your message has not been sent. It could occur due to network connection failure. Try reconnecting to the internet and resend the message.

Q3: Does Any Other Web Browser Have Extensions for Kik for PC Other than Google Chrome?

A3: Yes, other web browsers do support extensions for Kik for PC such as Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Q4: The video calling quality in Kik for PC is not as per the standards. What could be the reasons?

A 4: The possible reasons for the degraded video calling quality can be the slow connection to the internet, the connection of lower bandwidth or some connection to the server issues. Try refreshing the application or reconnect to the internet to solve the problem.

Q5: I Am Not Able to Download the Kik for PC From Web Browsers. Suggest an Alternative.

A 5: You can try out installing the Android emulators like Bluestacks which can prove to be the best alternative for the download from the web method.

Q 6: I Want to Unblock Some Contacts in My Blocklist. What Are the Ways to Do It?

A 6: Here look at this and follow the procedure: Go to settings -> Tap block list -> Tap the username and tap on it and Tap Unblock.

The user is now unblocked.

Q 7: I Am Not able to Reach the Official Website of Kik Messenger, and I Even Don’t Want to Download the Android Emulator. What Can I Do Now?

A7: Use the link provided to open the official website of Kik for PC.

Official Website – https://www.kik.com/

Q8: Why Kik for PC is Not Available in the Windows Store?

A 8: This could be a result of some managerial and marketing issues. Kik interactive must not have sold its application to be available to be downloaded via the windows store.

Q 9: My Kik for PC is Not Working Correctly and the Screen Freezes at Times. What is the Solution?

A9: There can be many reasons for this bug. You might first try reinstalling the Kik for PC with the method you have installed it initially. Then if the problem persists you can opt for another method described in the article.

Q 10:  Is There Any Limit to How Many Messages or Files Can be Sent on Kik for PC in A Day?

A 10: There is no such limitation in Kik for PC. You can send as many messages and as many files you want in Kik for PC.

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We have been enlightened about the cool and amazing features available for us in Kik for PC. We have also explained and understood the best possible ways to get the Kik app in Pc and boost up the social interaction.

In all the techniques described above, the Android Emulator method, specifically with Bluestacks is on the top in the order as it is easy and also very useful. Apart from Kik, an Android emulator will allow you to run various other Android applications on windows platform. It also increases the productivity of our systems and time.


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