Lawyers Say Involuntary Manslaughter Charges Could Be Filed in Alec Baldwin Case


We all already know about the accidental shooting of a prop gun that happened at the movie set.

Alec Baldwin is the one who took the shot well; he did not take the shot, but the gun went off in his hand, and that led to the death of or rather the accidental death of the cinematographer named Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust”.

Now we know that this is very likely to and most probably going to lead to civil suits. This is what the lawyers have also said, but it is very much unclear regarding this particular matter whether it is going to get involved with the criminal charges too.

This is going to be brought by the two crew members who inspected the gun which Alec Baldwin fired.

Lawyers Say Involuntary Manslaughter Charges Could Be Filed in Alec Baldwin Case

“It is with the most certainty that this case will go to civil court 100%,” said Richard Kaplan, a well-known criminal defense attorney.

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“There was someone involved in the case who was unfortunate and who was killed on a movie set by a prop gun and all this happened because of negligence.

The family of the victim here has the rights, and they are going to, of course, file charges. Everyone knows and expects that already. ”

The investigation is still ongoing, and a lot has been going in the investigation. Now it is clear that what happened, but how and why it was happening is the question.

I mean, it is a case of negligence, as most people are saying. But a thorough investigation is always required about such a matter Where someone got killed.

Authorities have made it clear what they told the reporters this Wednesday. They said that they are finding it in a very complicated position, and they believe that they have found the lead projectile that killed Hutchins.

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That is all that we know for now. We hope that further details will be disclosed to the media regarding this matter as it has piqued the interest of many people around the industry.


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