8 Best NarutoSpot Alternatives to Watch Anime Online


As any Reddit Anime page would tell you, NarutoSpot is the place to be for enjoying all things anime. From the latest shows to full-on classic binge sessions, this website has you covered.

8 Best NarutoSpot Alternative Site To Watch Free Anime

But  NarutoSpot isn’t a lone wolf in this game, there are so many alternatives that also deserve every bit of hype they can get. Thus, listed here are some of those alternatives for when the NarutoSpot website takes a rain check on you.

1. GOGOAnime

GoGo Anime has viewers from around the world and thus carries a huge collection of English dubbed Anime content. One can search any piece they like or just surf the site until they stumble onto something interesting by using the innumerable pages the site has in store for its users.

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All-time favorites like Crayon Shin Chan as well as hidden gems of the Anime world like Konojo, Okarishimasu Petit can be enjoyed here. The range of content lets you immediately blend in with any online Anime fandom you like.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll can be your go-to website for watching films or shows from a wide variety of categories. It gets brownie points for user-friendliness due to its well-designed homepage with tabs that let you scroll through anime heaven. Every piece of content is marked with its release date, run time, and quality. Apart from that, content can also be sorted based on IMDb ratings, genre, or nation of origin.

3. Anime-Planet

Its homepage itself is the holy grail of the most epic recent releases. Thus the website is a popular choice for Anime lovers from all around the world. To live up to this hype, Anime-Planet makes sure to carry a huge collection of content in a variety of languages.

One can search up any piece of content they like or just surf the site until they stumble onto something interesting by using innumerable pages the site has in place. Peoples’ favorites, classics, or recent hits, all are just a few clicks away from you on this website.

4. Funimation

AnimeKaizoku has a very user-friendly home page that’s designed for your for ease of navigation on their website, juggling between different timelines of new on-air shows and that of old classes.

There is a handy search bar that lets you filter out the content of your choice in any combination of categories you want. One can screen the content based on popularity, different types of specials, or genres.

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Final Words

The above-listed Anime streaming platforms are enough for you to get a lifetime of Anime fill even if the NarutoSpot website is acting out on a certain day. If you visit these alternatives and find them to be of use, then please do leave feedback for us.


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