Panic Buying of Fuel in UK Sparks Fears Doctors Teachers Won’t Get to Work


There had been some trouble that people in the UK are going through, now they are all panic buying fuel and gasoline. It is like the toilet paper rush that the USA was once seeing. In the UK people are buying gasoline or fuel in general and hoarding them for some bizarre reason.

No one knows why it started all of a sudden. Now the government had to do something about this. They have passed a law that the key workers in the UK are given priority access to fuel.

Panic Buying of Fuel in UK Sparks Fears Doctors Teachers Won't Get to Work

It had been estimated that there are so many vehicles that are used for work in the UK which had now stopped because of the fuel hoarding and as a result of which fuel is not available to the other vehicles.

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Now people are sitting in long lines outside of the fuel stations and then only they find that they are out of stock. This is the current situation right now and it is nothing pleasant at all.

On Tuesday there was a statement made by the government official who we know as the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. He said that now that measures have been taken the situation is beginning to stabilize but it will take some time to go back to normal.

“A lot of petrol is now being transferred in today’s date and they have been transferred into people’s cars.

Thus here and there we now have the first very tentative signs of stabilization that we can see in the current situation of the storage which won’t be reflected in the queues as ye.

However we must say that it is the first time we have seen more petrol in the petrol stations itself,” he said in the statement to the news.

Obviously, the people who are key workers like government officials and doctors, and teachers are given the priority to get fuel. Without them, the country can not keep running so that needs to be taken into account.

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So this is it. We do not know why it started but this had been something to remember about. It was really strange.


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