‘Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate’ Error on Android & iOS


Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, has taken the world by storm since its release. With millions of players worldwide, the game encourages outdoor exploration and social interaction while catching virtual Pokemon.

However, as with any mobile app, players may encounter occasional technical issues. One such frustrating issue is the “Unable To Authenticate” error, which can prevent players from accessing the game.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the meaning of the Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error, its causes, solutions, and tips to resolve it on both Android and iOS devices.

Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate

Understanding the Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error

The “Unable To Authenticate” error in Pokemon Go is a common error message that players encounter when attempting to log in to their accounts.

This error prevents players from accessing the game and can be frustrating, especially for dedicated trainers. It typically occurs during the login process when the game communicates with the Pokemon Go servers to verify user credentials.

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Key Aspects of the “Unable To Authenticate” Error:

  1. Error Message: When the error occurs, players see a message that reads, “Unable To Authenticate. Please try again.”
  2. Login Process: The error typically appears during the initial login or after a player has been logged out of their account.
  3. Server Communication: The error indicates a failure in communication between the player’s device and the Pokemon Go servers, where user account information is verified.
  4. User Credentials: The error may be triggered by issues related to the player’s account, login credentials, or server-side problems.

Causes of the Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error

Several factors can contribute to the “Unable To Authenticate” error in Pokemon Go:

  1. Server Issues: Server outages or maintenance on Niantic’s side can lead to authentication errors for all players.
  2. Network Problems: Poor or unstable internet connections can disrupt the login process and trigger the error.
  3. Account Issues: Incorrect login credentials, banned accounts, or issues with the Pokemon Go account can lead to authentication problems.
  4. Device Compatibility: Outdated or unsupported devices may struggle to connect to the game’s servers, causing authentication errors.
  5. App Version: Running an outdated or incompatible version of the Pokemon Go app can lead to login issues.

How to Fix Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate Error on Android & iOS

Method 1- Check Airplane Mode Status

Step 1: shut your Pokémon GO game.

Step 2: go to the settings of your device and Turn on Airplane mode.

Step 3: go back and start the Pokémon GO game again.

Step 4: turn off the Airplane mode.

Step 5: try to log in again.

If the problem still exists, try the other methods listed below.

Method 2- Check Pokémon GO Server Status

Some times numerous players play the game at the same time which would make the game down for a while. Check the Pokémon GO Server Status for your country and if it is down, try playing the game after a few minutes because the wait is all you can do.

Method 3- Create Force Stop and Launch the Game again

Sometimes the game stops working in your devices due to some temporary server issues. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for that problem too.

For Android users

Step 1: go to settings of your device

Step 2: open the option of “applications

Step 3: select Pokémon GO out of all the applications appearing on your screen

Step 4: force stop the game

Step 5: then launch the game again

Step 6: Open the Pokémon GO game and start playing

For iOS users

Step 1: double click so that the window “recently used apps” appear on your screen

Step 2: close the Pokémon GO game by swiping it up

Step 3: launch the keep again and start playing.

Method 4: Try to Login Into the Game Using your Google Account

Most of the players have their accounts registered using their Pokémon Trainer Club account and prefer playing the game using the PTC account only.

But at the same time, thousands of players play the game online, the server load of the PTC website becomes high and you see “Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate” error.

But we have a solution to that problem too. Try logging in using your Google account and the play the game error-free. Afterward, you can play the game without logging in too.

Method 5: Check Your Saved Password

Now you use multiple Google accounts on your mobile phones. There is a high chance that the game might choose a different account on your phone to log in to Pokémon GO than the account you have registered in or want to register in.

Thus, you see the same error. To fix this problem, you must remove all the other google accounts and keep the account you wish to play with.

Method 6: Make Your Device Caches Free

What are caches? Caches are the memory of your game that stores its data. Clearing the caches from your device is the best solution and will make the game error-free and faster than before. How can you make your device caches free:

For Android Users

Step1: exit your Pokémon GO game

Step 2: Open settings of your device.

Step 3: Open the “application” option in the settings.

Step 4: choose Pokémon GO of all the application display on your screen and select info screen.

Step 5: select “clear the caches”.

Step 6: Launch the game again. The game will ask for permission again. Get your access to the Pokémon GO game by logging in into the game again using Google account or PTC account and start playing.

For iOS Users

To clear the caches in the iOS device, you have to uninstall the Pokémon GO game and install it again. Open the game, give permissions, log in using Google account or PTC account, and start playing.

Method 7: Using iOS 9 or iOS 1O

The “Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate” error is common for the players who are on iOS 9 and iOS 10, using 1.73.3 version of the Pokémon GO game.

Well, you cannot do much in such a situation except iOS 9 users can upgrade to iOS 10 and then try logging in into the game again. Nintendo lab is still working to solve this issue for iOS 9 and iOS 10 users.

Method 8: Get Help From the Pokémon GO Team

Have you tried all the above methods and still facing the error? Then the last and the best solution for you is to message. Moreover, visit the Nintendo Support page and ask for help from the Nintendo support team by submitting your problem there.

Tips to Avoid the Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error

To minimize the chances of encountering the “Unable To Authenticate” error in Pokemon Go, consider these tips:

  1. Keep the App Updated: Regularly update the Pokemon Go app to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.
  2. Use a Stable Internet Connection: Play in areas with a strong and stable internet connection to reduce connectivity issues.
  3. Secure Your Account: Protect your account by using a strong, unique password and enabling two-factor authentication if available.
  4. Check for Server Updates: Before attempting to log in, check for any server status updates from Niantic to avoid trying to log in during maintenance periods.
  5. Avoid Third-Party Services: Refrain from using unauthorized third-party services or apps that may violate Pokemon Go’s terms of service, as this can lead to account issues.

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Hopefully, our solutions resumed your playing and stopped you from throwing your precious phone away in frustration. We gave our best in providing you with the leading solution. Also, tell us which answer helped you the most.

Got any other trick? Do share with us too.

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