‘Putlocker’ Alternatives To Watch Movies Online


Putlocker is an online movie streaming service that is completely free to use. It is used by a big number of people all around the world. It was created in the United Kingdom.

In a short period of time, it has amassed a sizable following. Many nations have blocked Putlocker because it has been identified by the MPAA as an illegal infringement website.

ISPs have banned this website since it has garnered a lot of popularity in such a short time. This website was prohibited by the UK high court in 2016 due to all of the piracy and legality issues..


Since Putlocker is no longer available, movie fans will need an alternative to view free online movies. As a result, we’ve written this article to give our readers with the finest Putlocker alternative.

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However, before we list the Alternative, we’d want to give you some information about the websites’ security vulnerabilities.

Due to piracy difficulties, the majority of free movie websites are unlawful. Many countries and ISPs monitor their users’ activities. As a result, it is critical that you keep your IP masked when visiting such websites to watch movies.

You can use a decent VPN service, such as Express VPN or NordVPN, to conceal your IP address and provide a secure online viewing platform for movies and TV series.

When browsing such websites, you must not click on any advertisements or third-party links. Before browsing such websites, use effective antivirus software.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is an online streaming site that has gained popularity for its extensive range of movies and TV series, including a noteworthy collection of anime. It caters to a diverse audience, offering various genres and styles in the anime sector.

Top 9 Websites to Consider as a PutLocker Alternative

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Putlocker alternatives that will allow you to watch movies for free online. Let’s look at the details of each of these options.

1. MegaShare

It is a well-known and user-friendly website. It has a simple user interface. It has a significant fan base all around the world. It features a large number of movies, making it a useful library. You may watch online movies and TV series for free and without having to register.

You can also watch films of various quality levels. The best aspect of this website is the inclusion of subtitles in the movies. This site is best seen on Android phones and desktop computers.

2. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix is a popular online movie and television show streaming service. It was just created a few years ago, but it has quickly grown in popularity.

The Library has a lot of old movies, but it is frequently updated with new movies that you can search for. While using this website, there is no need to register or sign up. This website is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and a variety of other operating systems. It is the greatest Putlocker alternative.

3. RainierLand

Rainierland is a good alternative to Putlocker because it features ads. It is a well-known website where you may view movies and TV series.

There is a big collection of old and new films, as well as more particular information such as the names of the actors. You can watch movie trailers to get a sneak peek at the films. You can also read reviews of the films.

4. Films on Demand

FMovies is one of the best options for watching free online movies on the web. It includes an easy-to-use interface that makes it ideal for use. The movies are divided into genres and the most recent releases, making it simple to locate your favourite films.

To watch the highest-quality movies on this site, you can utilise a VPN service. Because this service is free, there are various adverts that appear when watching any video. Fmovies is the finest Putlocker alternative.

5. GoMovies

GoMovies has a number of features that make it easy to use. Gomovies features a huge selection of movies and TV series ranging from new releases to classics.

The collection is regularly updated with new releases. The commercials may irritate you, but the free movie streaming is well worth it. Putlocker’s alternative, GoMovies, is a good choice.

6. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is a free movie streaming service with a well-organized and user-friendly movie library. In your search, you can also categorise movies based on many factors.

Movies are also divided into categories based on the type of film, such as old, new, most popular, and genres. The nicest element of this website is that every new user can easily find their favourite movies thanks to the well-organized homepage.

There is a separate area for the most recently released films, as well as the highest rated films. This site is user-friendly and may be read on a variety of platforms.

7. LosMovies

This website has a large selection of movies, largely in English, with subtitles in a variety of languages. There is a translation option for subtitles in various languages, allowing us to watch movies and TV episodes online from different nations. Los movies has a large fan base all around the world as a result of this feature.

The most recent movies, as well as TV shows, are available in high definition. The homepage has a section dedicated to the most recent films. This site provides an easy-to-use interface.

This website’s inbuilt video player may be blocked by an ad blocker, which is a disadvantage. Despite this issue, this website is the greatest Putlocker alternative.

8. YesMovies

YesMovies is a great alternative to Putlocker for watching free movies and TV episodes online. It features a large selection of diverse movies, TV series, and documentaries, with over 9000 free HD movies. This website is an excellent option for movie buffs who want to watch a variety of films on one location.

This website’s homepage has a user-friendly layout that categorises movies, TV shows, and other stuff into distinct genders. YesMovies is undoubtedly a viable alternative to Putlocker.

9. 5Movies

5Movies is an excellent website to view the latest movies and other movies for free. There is a large selection of films and television shows to choose from. You may simply find your favourite movies on this website thanks to the categorization of movies and TV episodes on several basis.

The Android version of the 5Movies app is also available. On this page, you can also locate music recordings. Without a doubt, 5 movies is a viable alternative to the free Putlocker website.

Details About Putlocker:

The Anime Library on Putlocker: Putlocker’s anime library is a treasure trove for fans, encompassing a broad spectrum from classic hits to the latest releases. The platform ensures regular updates of its content, keeping up with new trends and demands in the anime world.

User Experience and Interface: Ease of use is one of Putlocker’s strengths. The site’s interface is straightforward, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and find their desired anime. The platform is organized with efficient search tools and categorized sections, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

Streaming Quality and Resolution: Putlocker places a high emphasis on streaming quality. Viewers can enjoy anime in various resolutions, catering to different preferences and internet speeds. This flexibility ensures an optimal viewing experience for a wide range of audiences.

Safety and Security While Using Putlocker: While Putlocker is a popular choice, users should remain vigilant regarding online safety. Employing antivirus software and ad-blockers is recommended to safeguard against potential risks associated with streaming sites.

Legal Considerations of Streaming Anime on Putlocker: Streaming on Putlocker comes with legal considerations. Users should be aware of the copyright status of the anime they choose to watch and ensure compliance with the copyright laws applicable in their region.

Comparing Putlocker with Other Anime Platforms: Putlocker stands out for its diverse range of content. While it might not offer anime-specific features like some dedicated platforms, its extensive library of movies, TV shows, and anime makes it a versatile choice for viewers.

Community Engagement on Putlocker: The platform offers more than just streaming; it fosters a community of anime enthusiasts. Users can engage with each other through comments and ratings, enhancing the communal aspect of watching anime.

Challenges and Future Directions for Putlocker: Like any streaming service, Putlocker faces challenges, including navigating copyright issues and maintaining content quality. The platform’s future in anime streaming looks promising as it adapts to these challenges and evolves with user preferences.

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You can use any of the aforementioned Putlocker alternatives to watch free movies and TV series. Before using free online streaming platforms, you should use caution and good antivirus software before clicking on any third-party website link.

To prevent dangerous viruses from infecting your PCs and mobile phones, you can utilise a decent VPN service. Any illegal piracy websites are not supported by us. This essay was written to assist our readers in resolving their issues.


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