9 Best Alternatives to TorrentKing For You in 2021


With an increasing demand for downloading files belonging to different categories, people find the easiest way around. One such method is by downloading the files from the website, popularly called “Torrent”. The website is definitely a savior for those who like downloading movies and web series. The demand for this website is so high, that every day there are millions of users visiting its homepage.

You can find almost every type of content on this platform. Depending on the demand of the users, files download speed varies. But overall it’s a great alternative to some paid platforms which provide this content. Another important great website which is a storehouse of millions of files is “TorrentKing”.

TorrentKing is an immerging website for downloading torrent files. To make the search for torrent files on this website as easy as possible for its users, the website has executed a powerful metasearch engine with a massive database, compatibility, and a spontaneous graphic user interface.

In addition to torrent files, you may encounter advertisements on this website for different types of VPN products available which are quite relevant to users, such as the VPN browser online. Custom filters can also make use of, for making the search even easier. The more you put it to use, the more options you’ll see. You’ll have access to a wide selection of films all at once.

The movies that are downloaded can be easily played on multiple devices with Jihosoft Video Converter, which converts their formats into a better compatible form. All popular SD and HD video formats, such as 3GP and AVI, can be easily converted using this video converter tool. It can also convert videos to other formats such as 3G2, 3GPP1, 3G2, FLV, MP4, M4V, and MKV.

9 Best Alternatives To TorrentKing

Apart from TorrentKing’s website, you can also search for some of the best torrent websites that can be used as a great alternative to TorrentKing. Following that, here is a list of all of the unblocked TorrentKing alternatives available on the internet with their features. The websites listed here can be browsed easily on any browser.

1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a great option when it comes to downloading files and videos from the internet. Just like TorrentKing, Popcorn Time is also an excellent torrent file-sharing platform. In addition to this, there is a meta-torrent search engine available on this website, which allows users to search for their preferred torrent files quite smoothly.

This website runs effectively in all major Operating systems, from Windows to iOS. So, it’s definitely an ideal platform for streaming and downloading movies, series, apps, games, etc. The website also has good traffic on its homepage. Being the first choice when it comes to downloading torrents.

2. Demonoid

Demonoid was in great demand in the past. But unfortunately, this torrent website is blocked in most countries, so you may not be aware of it. Due to which the website is no longer in use. However, one thing is sure and I would like to point out is that this website is an incredible alternative to torrent King.

The website appears quite appealing to the users. It had almost all the features that is required by an ideal torrent downloading website. This website serves as an alternative to TorrentKing because it hosts torrent files that aren’t found on other well-known torrent hosting sites like 1337X or The Pirate Bay. The website contains some of the exclusive collection of files. This is one of the best parts about Demonoid.

3. Btdigg

BTdigg is yet another excellent choice for downloading torrent files without having to pay a penny. BTDigg, an unblocked TorrentKing alternative, currently has over one million active torrent files available on its homepage that are still working. The best thing about this website is that new torrent files are frequently found here. Any torrent file can be found by using the search box at the top of the website.

In addition to this, users can sort by the categories in which they want to search for their preferred content. In this way, they can also find some other files who’s names they are not sure of. Overall, it’s a great choice and a must-try for the users. The website can be easily accessed from any device and in any operating system.

4. Torlock

Torlock is an excellent torrent website and a feasible alternative to TorrentKing. The website is emerging as a great alternative to TorrentKing and is giving a good competition to other such websites available on the internet. For accessing the torrent files on this website, the users are asked to first register themselves and login and with their Email ID and password.

This website, like TorrentKing’s, has an enormous database where a vast number of currently active torrent files are available and displayed on the homepage. As a result, it is hard advice to use this website for accessing torrent files rather than using TorrenKing website.

5. BitLove

The name of this website is quite common among users who always look for methods to download torrent files with ease. This website’s name indicates that it is a great choice for people who only download files via torrent. A large majority of torrent files you’ll discover on this platform are updated and fully functional. As a result, this is an excellent choice and a great alternative to the TorrentKing website.

6. Bit Che

Another well-known torrent website is Bit Che, which produces torrents for a wide range of documentaries and movies, especially which are available in various languages. As an alternative to the TorrentKing website, this could be giving a great competition to other such sites.

7. TorrentDownloads

This torrent website’s name implies that it specializes in providing popular torrent files for download by its users. It serves as an unblocked TorrentKing alternative, allowing you to download popular games for the platforms like  PlayStation 2, Playstation Portable, Xbox, and other such gaming platforms.

8. Queen Torrent

Toon and anime series are some of the popular categories of files that are downloaded on a regular basis. It was seen that in the past few years, anime were the top files that we’re downloaded on Torrent. The website is popularly known for its ability to produce entertainment content for its audience.

Some of the most popular shows, movies, anime are uploaded on this website. However, if you also want to stream movies, this website is able to do so for its users. If you’re an anime freak, you should definitely try this website.

9. Torrent Harvester

The website is quite similar to TorrentKing. The content here is updated quite frequently and are of great quality which feels like the original. This one is the final pick, which is also quite efficient in downloading torrent files.  Users can try this website if they are struggling with downloading files from other such sites.


So these are some of the popular choices for downloading torrent files with ease. All the files on the website listed above are of great quality which gives an excellent experience to the users. The performance of all the websites is quite smooth. All the websites are authentic without any malware. So, the users can download files without having a fear of viruses.


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