How To Fix ‘WHEA Uncorrectable Error’


In the world of Windows operating systems, encountering error messages is not uncommon. The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is one such message that can leave users puzzled and frustrated.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the meaning of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error, understand its various causes, and explore effective troubleshooting methods to resolve it.


What is the WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error that occurs on Windows-based computers.

It is a critical hardware-related error that typically signifies a severe problem with your computer’s hardware components, such as the CPU, RAM, motherboard, or other critical hardware elements.

When this error occurs, it triggers a system crash, leading to the famous “Blue Screen” on your monitor.

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Understanding the Causes

To effectively troubleshoot and resolve the WHEA Uncorrectable Error, it’s essential to understand the common underlying causes:

  1. Hardware Failure: The most common cause of this error is a hardware component that is failing or has failed. This can include issues with the CPU, RAM, GPU, motherboard, hard drive, or any other critical hardware element.
  2. Overclocking: Overclocking your CPU or GPU beyond their recommended limits can lead to instability and trigger this error. It puts additional stress on the hardware, causing potential failures.
  3. Hardware Incompatibility: Using incompatible or outdated hardware components can result in conflicts that lead to the WHEA Uncorrectable Error.
  4. Corrupted System Files: System files that are damaged or corrupted can also cause this error. This can occur due to software or driver issues.
  5. Driver Problems: Outdated, incompatible, or corrupted device drivers can lead to system instability and trigger the error.
  6. BIOS/UEFI Issues: Incorrect BIOS/UEFI settings or outdated firmware can contribute to hardware-related errors, including this one.

Methods To Fix The WHEA Uncorrectable Error

This issue can be solved in a variety of ways.

1. Verify The RAM 

When a computer’s RAM starts to degrade, it becomes a critical component. Checking the RAM should be the first step in diagnosing this problem, since it is the most important component of a computer.

Booting into safe mode is necessary before beginning the operation because this error prevents us from logging into our Windows. Following the safe mode, there are a few more procedures we need to take.

You’ll need to use a Windows application called Windows Memory Diagnostic to check the RAM. Windows Memory Diagnostics can be found in the Start menu by typing Windows Memory Diagnostics in the search bar.

Click on the first link and let the computer run to check. Then click again and check. The second step may take some time, and if any errors or problems are identified, the RAM must be removed and reinserted. Unless the fault has been fixed, we will need to replace the RAM.

2. Damaged Drive

Step 1: Open the Windows check disc utility by typing chkdsk there. Finally, right-click on it and select the “Run as Administrator” option from the menu.

Step 2: Then, this utility tool will begin searching for and attempting to solve the hard drive’s problem on its own.

In addition, removing and re-plugging the hard disc may resolve the issue.

 3. Install the Latest Versions 

If we don’t update our device drivers, we’re going to run into these issues.

Step 1: Our device drivers need to be updated, as a result. Safe mode must be first booted in this scenario as well. Then, we need to right-click on Start and pick Device Manager from the drop-down.

Step 2: Right-click on each of the listed drivers and pick “update driver software” from the context menu. Our computer will need to be restarted in normal mode when the upgrade is completed.

4. If Over-Clocking is Enabled

Over-clocking refers to the practise of making a computer run faster than it is capable. This is a contributing factor to the problem. This means that if we want to fix this issue, we need to turn off overclocking.

To go into the BIOS, we first need to restart our computer and then press F8, F9, F10, etc. To check whether overclocking is disabled, open the Advanced menu in BIOS and select Performance. If it isn’t disabled, you’ll need to disable it, save the settings, and restart the computer.

We may simply fix this problem by following these steps.

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The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is a critical hardware-related issue that can disrupt your computing experience. By understanding its potential causes and following the provided solutions, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve it.

Whether it involves checking hardware connections, testing and replacing faulty hardware, or updating device drivers, the goal is to eliminate the underlying hardware or software issue causing the error.

Regular hardware maintenance, up-to-date drivers, and cautious overclocking practices can help prevent future occurrences of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error, ensuring a more stable and reliable computing environment. 


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