Pfizer Covid Pill With HIV Drug Cuts the Risk of Hospitalization or Death by 89%, Says Pfizer


Pfizer had come up with a second Covid 19 pill. It is said that this Friday, they have come up with a pill that is very easy to administer. This is a Covid-19 pill that can be administered to people orally.

The pill that had been created is known to be in combination with a widely used HIV drug. This is indeed some of the biggest news. It is now going to cut the risk of hospitalization, and there are also some of the death by 89% of the rate and the stats.

This is for the people who have been exposed to the high virus.

Pfizer Covid Pill With HIV Drug Cuts the Risk of Hospitalization or Death by 89%, Says Pfizer

It is now known to the world as the second antiviral pill for the Covid 19 that we had seen. It is just known to be behind Merck’s corona pill that had been given the authorization in the United Kingdom. This is very well and good for the news of the world.

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The pill is known to have been provided to demonstrate some of the strong effects that we can get for treating Covid to be found early and then again cured at the first sign of illness. It is still under regulations, and it needs to be reviewed too.

This can be done, and then if it seems that it needs to be cleared by regulators. It would seem that the world is going on ahead and causing a game-changing moment in the pandemic fight.

“There are some of the data presents that seems to suggest the fact that our oral antiviral candidate. Thus this is how it is needed to approve by regulatory authorities,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement.

Pfizer will submit all the data to the food and drug administration or the commonly known as the FDA. This is going to be then reviewed by the people. Pfizer’s coronavirus pill, which is known scientifically as PF-07321332. That’s all for now.

We hope that we will get some more of the info soon. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this pill seems to work out on the people. That is all. We will be sure to keep you updated.

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the development of various vaccines and treatments, each contributing to our arsenal against the virus.

Recently, Pfizer announced promising results from its experimental COVID pill, which includes an HIV drug, stating that it reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details and significance of Pfizer’s groundbreaking COVID pill, the science behind it, and its potential impact on the fight against the virus.

Pfizer: A Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Pfizer is a globally renowned pharmaceutical company known for its pioneering work in developing vaccines and medications. Its partnership with BioNTech led to the creation of one of the first authorized COVID-19 vaccines, setting the stage for continued innovation in the field.

Understanding the Experimental COVID Pill

Pfizer’s experimental COVID pill is a promising development in the quest to combat the virus. Key aspects of this breakthrough include:

  1. Combination of Medications: The pill combines the antiviral drug nirmatrelvir with a low-dose of ritonavir, which is commonly used in HIV treatment. This combination aims to target and inhibit the activity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  2. Oral Medication: Unlike many existing COVID-19 treatments that require intravenous administration or injections, this pill is taken orally. This ease of administration can potentially enhance its accessibility and use.
  3. Antiviral Mechanism: Nirmatrelvir and ritonavir work together to inhibit a key enzyme required for viral replication. By disrupting this process, the medication aims to reduce the viral load in infected individuals.
  4. Clinical Trials: The medication’s efficacy and safety have been evaluated in clinical trials involving individuals recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Pfizer reported that the pill reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% in a recent trial.

Significance of Pfizer’s Announcement

Pfizer’s announcement regarding the experimental COVID pill holds significant implications for the ongoing pandemic:

  1. Treatment Option: If authorized, the COVID pill would provide a much-needed treatment option for individuals infected with the virus, potentially reducing the severity of illness and the burden on healthcare systems.
  2. Accessibility: The pill’s oral form makes it more accessible to a broader population, potentially facilitating early treatment and reducing the need for hospitalization.
  3. Public Health Impact: A highly effective treatment for COVID-19 could contribute to reducing the overall impact of the pandemic, including hospitalizations and fatalities.
  4. Complement to Vaccines: While vaccination remains a cornerstone of pandemic control, effective treatments like the COVID pill can serve as a complementary tool in managing the virus, especially in breakthrough cases.
  5. Global Response: Pfizer’s development of the COVID pill reflects the ongoing global response to the pandemic, with pharmaceutical companies continually seeking innovative solutions to combat the virus.

Science and Mechanism of Action

The effectiveness of Pfizer’s COVID pill lies in its mechanism of action:

  1. Protease Inhibition: Ritonavir, a protease inhibitor, and nirmatrelvir work in tandem to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s main protease enzyme. This enzyme is crucial for viral replication, and its inhibition prevents the virus from multiplying and spreading.
  2. Reducing Viral Load: By targeting the virus at the molecular level, the medication aims to reduce the viral load in the body. Lower viral loads can lead to milder symptoms and a reduced risk of severe illness or death.
  3. Early Intervention: The oral form of the medication allows for early intervention after a COVID-19 diagnosis, potentially preventing the progression of the disease to a severe stage.

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Pfizer’s announcement regarding its experimental COVID pill, which includes an HIV drug and has shown an 89% reduction in the risk of hospitalization or death in clinical trials, represents a significant milestone in the fight against the pandemic.

The pill’s oral form, mechanism of action, and potential impact on reducing the severity of illness highlight its promise as a valuable addition to our toolkit for managing COVID-19.

While further regulatory reviews and authorizations are necessary, Pfizer’s commitment to innovation and public health underscores the ongoing global effort to combat the virus.

As the scientific and medical community continues to address the challenges posed by COVID-19, treatments like this pill offer hope for a future where the impact of the virus is significantly reduced, ultimately bringing an end to the pandemic.


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