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Many readers might think that this article is based on the purity test of the different types of rice after reading the heading. However, this assumption is wrong. Here the Rice Purity Test refers to a survey that includes questions on certain important aspects of life.

It is a test created to ask questions regarding any fanatic and naughty activity that the individual has done until this point in life.

This test is made just for fun. Nowadays, any fresher who has just entered college life needs to socialize with seniors and classmates to have a great college life.

Rice Purity Test

So, in short, we can say that the Rice Purity Test is mainly meant for such young students. There are so many distractions in a student’s life, so the Rice Purity Test helps develop the overall personality and curb any negative traits.

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Understanding the Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test is a self-assessment questionnaire or survey that is often taken by individuals, particularly college students and young adults. It is designed to gauge a person’s level of innocence or purity based on their past experiences and behaviors.

The test consists of a series of questions, each addressing a specific aspect of life, including personal habits, social activities, and moral choices. Participants answer each question honestly, and their responses are then used to calculate a purity score.

Key Aspects of the Rice Purity Test:

  1. Self-Assessment: The test is entirely self-administered, with individuals voluntarily answering the questions based on their own experiences.
  2. Score Calculation: Each question is assigned a numerical value, typically ranging from 0 to 100, with 0 indicating the least pure or most experienced and 100 representing the purest or least experienced.
  3. Anonymity: Participants often take the Rice Purity Test anonymously, either online or among friends, to avoid judgment or embarrassment.
  4. Categories: Questions on the test cover a wide range of topics, including romantic relationships, substance use, personal hygiene, and social behaviors.

History of Official Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test is supposed to assess the degree of an individual’s innocence in various aspects such as respect for society, health personality, etc. The first Official Rice Purity Test was taken around 96 years ago from now. At that time, a written test was given only to women.

There was a well-known purity test called the Unisex Purity Test. This test was first written in 1980, in the Massachusetts Institute of technology baker house. There was a separate test for both men and women. The next test was held at Carnegie Mellon University in 1993, which comprised the same questions for both men and women.

Then in the year 1995, a 2000 question edition was also released. With up-grading technology and the introduction of iPhone and Android phones, this purity test is also available on social media platforms such as Facebook.

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How to Get Better Rice Purity Test Score

Any individual can go through the Rice Purity Test to analyze their responsiveness to various aspects of life. It helps an individual understand his personality, improve his approach towards multiple aspects of life, and create a bonding with people around him.

Therefore, here are 12 best tips to improve your Rice Purity Test Score.

1. Stay away from Getting Involved in Crimes

Staying away from crime is very important as there are many questions related to crime on Rice Purity Test so one needs to take good steps in order to stay away from crime and improve the Rice Purity Test score. Our safety is in our own hands.

To avoid becoming a victim of any crime, every individual needs to be very alert.

Stay Away from Crime to get good Rice Purity Test Score

In short, we can say that it is every individual’s responsibility to be safe. Taking essential steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of any crime would make you mentally strong and confident.

2. Stay Safe

One needs to know very well about their surroundings, whether you are at home or office. When you are at your home, avoid leaving your house’s front door open, never try to show off your jewelry or other precious objects in public.

You will never know who is listening to your conversation? An individual needs to use their presence of mind to protect themselves from becoming a victim of any crime.

3. Be Confident And Focused

This one is a very important tip on the list of improving Rice Purity Test score. Criminally minded people always look for people of soft, weak, unfocused, and distracted nature. They know that such people would not quickly respond to any unusual criminal activity such as snatching etc.

So, such criminals usually try to search for such people. They may also target people holding many shopping bags, people holding children in arms, people with heavy luggage. Such people may not be quickly responsive to criminal activities.

4. Avoid Consuming Alcohols and Drugs

Criminals usually try to attack the people who are either drug addicts or alcoholics. These “predators” mainly roam around the bars, pubs, etc. to observe such people and target them when they get the chance.

People should avoid consuming alcohol and drugs. These are not less than alcohol, which harms you not only physically but also mentally.

5. Respect for Society

The word respect plays an essential role in whether we go to school, home, restaurant, hospitals, etc. If you give respect to your parents, you would always be loved. Give respect to your teachers; then, you always receive appreciation from your teachers.

If you give respect to your interviewers, then you would definitely be selected for the job. Always treat everybody in the way you want to get treated.

Being respected will make you more confident as well as help you to express your opinions. Respect will help to create good relations, trust, and support for each other. So, in little respect means:

  • Never use bad language with anyone.
  • Do not try to hurt or hit anyone.
  • Always be tolerant while dealing with anybody.
  • Never take any insult to your ego.

We can see many personalities who receive respect, admiration, and love from people because of their respectful and tolerant region. There are some ways of showing respect to others:

  • Always be helpful to others.
  • especially small kids and senior citizens.
  • Be thankful to everyone.
  • Try to become a faithful listener.

There are two types of respect, i.e., respect given from the heart and a demanded respect. The heart’s connection is given to very supportive, responsible, emotional, and caring.

Demanded respect is the respect given forcefully to the people who try to dominate others with their arrogant and selfish nature. In short, we can say that these arrogant people are those who either are not loved by anyone or who are insecure about any other person is better than them.

6. Education Comes First

Education is the process of learning, gaining knowledge, skills, values, and beliefs. It plays an essential role in the overall development of an individual.

It improves the decision-making skills of an individual and helps in choosing between two situations. Education can be provided in both formal or informal and any experience.

Education Comes First

Basically, formal education can be classified in different stages like pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and college. Education has a positive effect on the thinking, views, opinions, and acts of an individual.

Educated individuals contribute significantly to the development of the nation.

They can use effective skills and education to make effective decisions in favor of the country. The individuals would never involve in any fraudulent or misleading activities if provided with proper education and guidance in initial years of education.

Many countries have made education compulsory to a certain age, which may help the person earn a decent living.

But today, with the developing world, we need a system where every individual, whether rich or poor, must get equal opportunity to gain an education. Providing education makes an increase in the workforce of the country and helps eradicate poverty from the country.

7. Stay Away from Distractions

An attentive and focused mind is always filled with good thoughts and opinions. A distracted mind will always be filled with difficult feelings and negative thoughts, which result in poor decision making by an individual.

These distractions can be in many ways, such as smartphones, television, etc. there are many ways to avoid certain distractions in our life:

  • While studying, try to keep your cell phone switched off.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep daily.
  • Take deep breaths to keep your mind away from distractions.
  • Give yourself enough breaks while working
  • Try to stay away from negative people

There are many ways always to keep yourself focused every time:

  • Divide all your work into small tasks
  • Complete all your work as soon as possible
  • Try to complete the most important tasks first
  • Always try to control your internal distractions
  • Ever be disciplined while dealing with tough situations

Initially, an individual might face difficulty in dealing with such distractions, but eventually, we all learn to stay away from such distractions.

Everyone needs to stay away from negativity and fill your life with positive people who encourage you to do well in life. So it is better to keep from distractions and the people who make you feel distracted by their activities.

8. Improve Personality

Personality plays an important role in creating thoughts, ideas, values, and beliefs in a person. An individual’s personality plays an important role in both personal and professional life.

A person’s personality made of what is he has been learning from childhood, his upbringing, and many other factors.

Improve Personality to get good Rice Purity Test Score

Basically, we can consider a person either as an introvert or an extrovert. An introvert person does not love talking much with others, whereas an extrovert person can easily mix up with people around him.

You can develop a warmer personality by interacting with new people in your personal and professional life. There are some ways by which an individual can improve his or her personality:

8. 1: Developing Conversational Skills

Try to read something positive daily, which will improve your knowledge about various things. Always create your opinions about certain important issues. Make sure that what you speak makes some sense and logic.

Whenever you are talking to someone else, avoid the habit of using your phone side by side. This may lead to a loss of interest in talking from another side. Be a good listener, and never try to impose your opinions on others. Talk politely with others.

8.2: Setting Goals in Your Life

Always set goals in your life, which would keep you focused and disciplined. Make the goals that encourage you to come out of your comfort zone. This will help you to grow and learn new things.

9. Health is Wealth

Good health is a key to happiness and prosperity I an individual’s life. Health is the real wealth of any person. Being healthy should be a primary goal in the life of every individual. Everything comes later, but your health comes first.

Never compromise on you are well-being as it is the greatest asset in your life. Students, as well as the elders, must realize the importance of good health and staying fit. They can set an excellent example for the upcoming future generation and inspire them to lead a happy and healthy life.

Taking care of your body will help you maintain the required energy level to achieve your life goals. An unhealthy person can be considered the home of diseases and may not achieve the desired goals in life.

Being healthy includes not only a fit body but also peace and calmness of mind. A person can always remain healthy by eating healthy food like green vegetables, seasonal fruits, eggs, etc. A body can also gain internal peace by doing yoga and meditation daily.

Healthy habits will improve your physical appearance, ability to perform any activity, and mental stability. So keeping yourself fit and fine will help you achieve your goals, happiness, and peace in life.

10. Relationships Play An Essential Role

When we talk about the word relationships, the first thing that comes to our mind is our parents, siblings, husband, wife, cousins, grandparents, and many more people. These relationships play an essential role in our life.

These relations help us to stay emotionally and mentally strong. Good relationships are key to happiness in our lives. When we are very young, we are more attached to our parents and our siblings.

As soon as we grow up, we create our bond with grandparents than with uncles and aunts. After getting married, we live in a new family of entirely different people. So, this variety of relationships help us grow as an individual in our life.

There may be cases when there are chances of misunderstanding and ego clashes in our relationships. Whether parents or husband-wife, a good relationship becomes strong only when both have mutual understanding, care, and respect for each other.

A relationship never becomes strong from the one-sided effort. It requires cooperation and responsibility from both sides. We may fight or disagree with each other, but there should a feeling of love for one another.

When we talk about relationships, we also have some formal relations like students and teacher, boss and managers, and many more. These relations are also important as they help an individual be socially active and respect society.

11. Culture Plays A Vital Role

Basically, culture means the norms and social behavior in society. Culture is a broad concept that includes dance forms, food, living styles, rituals, religion, and much more. Every community has its way of defining culture.

We have seen that many people do some specific thing they first thought about their culture, what my culture says on this occasion. Especially on the wedding occasion and some other celebrating days, they follow their culture strictly.

So the culture has its characteristics which are as follows:

  • Culture is not something that you can read from books. It is something which we learn from our grandparents and parents. What we wear, how we speak, and all other things show our culture.
  • Culture is shared among a group of people. It cannot be followed by only an individual. The sharing of culture is called enculturation.
  • The culture of people varies from place to place. If we talk about our own country, we have a different culture in Chennai and a completely different culture in West Bengal.

Culture plays a vital role in the upbringing of an individual. A person who follows his own culture will also spread the diversity of his culture with others.

12. Drug is No Less Than Poison

Last but not least tip to improve Rice Purity Test Score. Drugs are considered no less than poison in our life. It eats up an individual from the inside but also damages his ability to thinking.

Drugs lead to deterioration of your health and lead to legal issues, financial problems, and much more in your life.

No Drugs to improve Rice Purity Test

Nowadays, we can see many examples around us who are getting trapped in the web of drug addiction. Not only elders but also young children are getting addicted to drugs. Getting attracted to drugs may be due to a lack of love in the family, financial issues, or bad friends circle.

So there is a need to protect our loved ones from the poison called drugs. It affects our thinking skills badly and makes our minds numb. Once an individual is addicted to drugs, it is really difficult to stop consuming it.

If we forcefully try to stop, it results in vomiting, anxiety, and dizziness. There are some symptoms which may show that a person is a drug addict:

  • Change in the friend circle
  • Quick loss or gain of weight
  • Lots of coughing
  • Being moody and distracted
  • Spending time all alone

So it is our duty to identify such people around us. These people can be saved by sending them to the rehabilitation center and giving them proper medical care.

The Official Rice Purity Test Score Guide

After the submission of the Rice Purity Test, you need to check your score. So the individual would be scored out of 100. You may score between 80-90 or above 90 also. So here is the Rice Purity Test Score categorized for you:

Rice Purity Test Score: 100-98

It is the maximum score that you can obtain. Very few people fall into this category. We can say that people scoring in this range are highly criminal minded. They can be named as ‘Spoiled’ kids.

There might be cases where the youngsters having their score in this range might want to experience everything in their life. So they tried such activities. However, such criminal minded activities are not at all good.

Rice Purity Test Score: 97-94

The second category is the score of 94-97. It can be considered as a small range. This scorecard is meant for individuals who are still learning and growing.

The individuals falling in this category always keep on trying new things and never settle with less. They are mainly of disciplined but firm personality and may even score 100 in the future.

Rice Purity Test Score: 93-77

This range includes the majority of people. The students included are mainly studying in the middle class or high class. These students are considered to be very responsible and dedicated to their work.

They do all their work with full concentration and are involved in good activities. They have excellent control over their mind and do not get distracted easily.

Rice Purity Test Score: 76-45

This range includes people with shy nature. These children are introverted in nature and talk very less even with their close ones. They have poor social skills. These score bearers do not like to interact with new people and prefer not to indulge in any activity which makes them come out of their comfort zone.

Rice Purity Test Score: Below 45

This range includes people who require some personal assistance and special care. They are those individuals who either suffer from any mental problem or any disease. They require extra care and attention from the family members as they are highly sensitive to their happenings.

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We can conclude that the Rice Purity Test is mainly meant for students in schools and colleges. The purpose of this test is to study the social lives of the young generation. This article shows that there are different types of children in our society.

Some are very open-minded and ready to take any decision in their lives. Some students are very introverted and shy, and they do not like to come out of their comfort zones. Then comes students with mental problems who require proper and regular care by family members and doctors [if required].

The categorization of the score depends on the research and survey. The Rice Purity Test is based on the person’s ownership of living his or her life. Before you leave the article, read Rice Purity Test Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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