Flood-Ravaged British Columbia Declares State of Emergency


British Columbia had been ravaged by floods. Things are getting really bad there. They have finally declared a state of emergency. Nothing good comes out of this situation. People are miserable, and it might cause the loss of life and property.

The Canadian province of British Columbia is the exact place where the floods have been taking place.

It is a mess there, and the situation does not seem to be getting any better by the day. The place is located on the Pacific coast, and it states that they have declared a state of emergency on Wednesday.

Flood-Ravaged British Columbia Declares State of Emergency

The state of emergency had not been given on a basic whim. It was followed and stated after there had been massive floods and landslides. Now you must be wondering what is causing the floods and landslides along with it?

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Well, it is caused by a record-breaking rainfall that had occurred in the last several days. Authorities have gone ahead, and they have confirmed that there had been one fatal casualty, also can be said as one death which had been coming from a mudslide that happened on Monday.

The sad fact is that the authorities concerned say and anticipate the death toll to rise in the future if the flood goes on.

Officials have also stated, and they have made sure to point out that it could take weeks for the province to recover from the storm’s torrential rain that had been going on for a whole lot of time.

The government of Canada will do their part as they have already sent help by deploying an air force to make sure that the people in need receive the proper help and that the distorted supply chains can be salvaged a little bit.

Of Course, financial help will also be provided to the place along with possible food supplies. “We’re sending help your way,” tweeted the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on Wednesday.

“We’ve approved the province’s request for assistance, and we’ll have more @CanadianForces members on the ground as soon as possible — to keep you safe, support supply chain routes, and provide other necessary assistance.”

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That is all that we know for now. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news.


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