China’s Zero-Covid Strategy Will Cause Its Economy To Slow Down Further, Economist Warns


China is facing an economic slowdown right now. It is said that if this zero Covid Strategy that is taken on by China goes on then, it is going to cause more problems to China by causing the economy to slow down even further in the future.

This will go up to such a point that it would be causing the economy to take some permanent damage.

This will be absolutely terrible, and the economy would crash altogether. No one wants that to happen, especially in China, so they need to make some changes in the Policy that they have set up now if they want it to go on.

China's Zero-Covid Strategy Will Cause Its Economy To Slow Down Further, Economist Warns

Now several economists have gone on ahead and said this, but now it is coming from an even bigger place, a particular economist who is well known in his field of work had suggested that China should do something about the current situation and the Policy that they are following if they do not want their economy to crash finally.

“If China had decided that they are going to continue to stick to the zero Covid strategies that they had already decided for their country, then I think that the domestic demand of the country will be under pressure,” said Hao Zhou, who is also a senior emerging markets economist at Commerzbank.

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“But in the meantime, we know that there’s no sign that China will loosen or relax this kind of Policy any time soon. So, in the next couple of quarters, I think basically the economic activity will continue to slow down in China,” he said on the news.

We do not know what will happen in the future. That is all that we know for now. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news.


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