Biden Remains Fit for Duty, Doctor Says


Biden remains fit for duty, as said by his doctor in a medical examination done by his doctor. Now, this is coming after Biden had got through the removal of a polyp from his colon, which was found during a routine colonoscopy. The procedure was not much of a problem, but it did require him to be put under anesthesia.

He has a routine check-up done, and a few things that had been noted by his doctor O Connor is given to the info that will be available for the public. Biden had been having some problems while giving speeches.

Biden remains fit for duty, doctor says in summary of president’s medical examination

He had this frequent need for clearing his throat while speaking that might have needed some looking into. His doctor says that this is because of acid reflux, and they have tested and confirmed that theory as the reason behind this.

Biden is going to turn 79 this month, and that makes him the oldest person that had been sworn in as the President. It is indeed a matter of public interest and the interest of the voters to know more about his health.

This makes perfect sense as a matter of fact, and thus we are here discussing the health problems of a United States President. He, however, had been deemed fit to perform his duty by his doctor. So that makes the people more at ease knowing that.

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“President Biden remains a healthy-vigorous 78-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief,” O’Connor wrote.

This is all that we have for now. We hope that he is healthy and gives on to complete his full term as the President since he was recently appointed, and it would be a shame if a change was to occur so soon.

If you want to know more news about the matter, then stay tuned. We will keep you updated on this particular subject.


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