India and China Border Dispute Will Not End Anytime Soon, Former Ambassador Says


India and China border Dispute had been going on for quite some time, and over periods it becomes more brutal and disturbing, but it is true that there is no scope for it solving itself in the near future.

This is all according to the former ambassador of India to China. While the issues still persist, there is not very strong aggression right now, but we might see some of that aggression soon enough; you can never tell.

India and China Border Dispute Will Not End Anytime Soon, Former Ambassador Says

It is a matter of fact that both India and China had tried to solve the dispute earnestly for some time. At times they have even come close to solving it, but there is no possible positive solution that had been found by the two sides, the middle ground for them to stand on.

So this dispute is still ongoing. According to the former ambassador of India to China, this is not going to be solved anytime soon looking at the current condition of the capitals of the Countries and then seeing the pressure on them.

“It is the reality of two Asian giants coming up close against each other in the Himalayas and the fact that this common border, this boundary between the two countries was never really mutually settled between the two sides,” said Nirupama Rao, a former Indian ambassador to China.

The latest out of all the border tensions seen between them began in time of 17 months ago. This was taking place following a fatal standoff in the Himalayas. This was in June 2020, where there was a clash between them in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh, which ended up in the death of 20 Indian soldiers and 4 Chinese soldiers. It was a very sad day.

Begin with a brief overview of the India-China border dispute, emphasizing its historical context and current relevance. Introduce the perspective of a former ambassador, indicating that the dispute is unlikely to be resolved soon.

Historical Background

Delve into the historical roots of the conflict, dating back to the British colonial era. Discuss the McMahon Line and its role in the dispute. Mention key events like the 1962 war and subsequent skirmishes.

Current State of Affairs

Explain the current situation along the border, including recent standoffs and military buildups. Highlight the strategic areas like Doklam, Galwan Valley, and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Former Ambassador’s Perspective

Detail the insights from the former ambassador, focusing on why they believe a resolution is not imminent. Discuss factors like national pride, strategic interests, and geopolitical dynamics.

Diplomatic Efforts and Challenges

Outline the diplomatic efforts made by both countries, including talks and agreements. Discuss the challenges in these diplomatic endeavors, such as mutual distrust and differing perceptions of the border.

The Role of International Community

Briefly touch upon how the international community, including the United Nations, views this dispute. Discuss the role of other major powers like the USA and Russia.

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