Supreme Court Conservatives Sound Skeptical About Parts of Texas Abortion Law


The Supreme Court had the session on Monday where they have taken on the case, and then they have grappled with some of the serious and much-asked questions about the “unprecedented” structure that had been given forward in regards to the Texas law.

If you are keeping up with the news, then you already know about this. It is a law that empowers private citizens to go ahead and then place forward a ban on most abortions that is going to be on after as early as six weeks of pregnancy.

Not only is the law going against human rights, but it is also making it almost impossible for women too. Most women do not even know that they are pregnant before the time period.

Supreme Court Conservatives Sound Skeptical About Parts of Texas Abortion Law

In oral arguments that had been coming forward against this particular law as they are bringing in for lawsuits, these have been taken in argument and debate by the Biden administration and abortion providers.

Several of the justices are concerned about the fact of the way that the law had been written.

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“There’s a loophole that has been exploited here,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh had said as it was being noted about the law that was written, it is not something new as we had heard this before, so he was echoing what had already been said by the liberal Justice Elena Kagan.

“The state has gone ahead in this matter, and they had passed a law that provided them with the option to sue, and after that had been done, it has washed its hands full clear of the matter,” argued Jonathan Mitchell, he is the architect of the Texas law.

It is still not clear, as a matter of fact, that what and when the court will give its decision. At this point, it is all debate and deliberation. What happens at the end of the day is still not known to us.

We will surely check back into the matter as soon as there is some development regarding the case. But for now, this is all that we have. Take care of yourselves!

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