How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft


It’s arguable that stone is Minecraft’s most ubiquitous building material. It’s a beautiful block, however some people would rather have something with a smoother, cleaner feel.

As such, we can make use of Smooth Stone, a block that has been around since the very beginning of Minecraft itself (in Minecraft Classic).

This fascinating block, its design, and its function have all evolved over time. So that you can get back to creating those beautiful structures, here is a quick guide to crafting Smooth Stone. Okay, so let’s begin.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Understanding Smooth Stone in Minecraft

In Minecraft, smooth stone is a versatile and aesthetically pleasing building material that players can use to create sleek and polished surfaces.

It’s the result of smelting cobblestone in a furnace, transforming the rough and rugged cobblestone into a refined and elegant block.

Smooth stone is often used in various architectural styles, from modern builds to intricate medieval fortresses.

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Key Aspects of Smooth Stone in Minecraft:

  1. Smelting Process: Smooth stone is obtained by smelting cobblestone in a furnace. This process requires a fuel source, such as wood, coal, or other burnable materials.
  2. Block Variants: Smooth stone comes in two variants: smooth stone and smooth stone slabs. These blocks have different applications in construction.
  3. Texture and Appearance: Smooth stone has a clean and polished appearance, making it a popular choice for floors, walls, and decorative elements.
  4. Versatility: Smooth stone is a versatile building material that complements a wide range of architectural styles and themes.

Significance of Crafting Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Crafting smooth stone in Minecraft holds several significant roles and advantages:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Smooth stone enhances the aesthetic appeal of your builds, adding a polished and refined look to your structures.
  2. Building Versatility: Smooth stone can be used for various purposes, from flooring and walls to stairs and decorative elements, making it a versatile choice for builders.
  3. Modern and Traditional Builds: Whether you’re constructing modern skyscrapers or classic medieval castles, smooth stone fits seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional architectural styles.
  4. Texture Contrast: Smooth stone provides a contrast to rougher and more rustic building materials like cobblestone, adding visual interest to your constructions.
  5. Mining Efficiency: Transforming cobblestone into smooth stone increases the value of mined materials and rewards players with a valuable building resource.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

In the Minecraft bedrock editor, the Smooth Stone was released for the first time in November of 2018. In Minecraft, Smooth Stone is a sort of stone that may be utilized in the creation of many tools and other useful objects.

It’s easy to whip up and lets us put together structures with a silky finish. Smooth Stone’s benefit is that its production does not necessitate extra effort or a drawn-out process.

Required Materials to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft

  • 4 Regular Stone
  • Furnace
  • Stonecutter (optional)

Regular stone blocks are the first step in creating stone bricks. Prepare cobblestone blocks for use by heating them in your oven. Simple stone slabs will result from doing this. You can make stone bricks using standard stone blocks.

The stonecutter is not required unless you plan on making individual stone bricks, in which case it will be useful. Other than that, you may create four of them with just four normal stone blocks. Now let’s find out how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.

How to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft

First, you’ll need to amass some cobblestone. No one needs more cobblestone than they already have, but if you’re in a new world and you want more, you can mine stone with a pickaxe to get some.

In case you already have a silk touch pickaxe, you can skip down to the “Crafting Recipe” section. If you don’t have a furnace already and have collected enough cobblestone, you can create one.

To make a furnace, you need to fill out the crafting menu for 8 cobblestone blocks except for the central spot. When finished, set your furnace where it can receive cobblestone from the top slot and fuel from the bottom slot. Anything made of wood, coal, charcoal, or even a pail of lava will do as fuel.

Products derived from plants are just as effective as those from other sources. Some of your cobblestones should be smelted into ordinary stone blocks regardless of the fuel type you choose.

You can make stone bricks once you’ve acquired enough standard stone blocks; this recipe calls for four such blocks. Four stone bricks will be the result of each successful attempt at this recipe.

You can use a stonecutter to manufacture them one at a time if that’s your preference. Iron ingot and three common building stones combine to form a stonecutter. If you put a normal stone block into the stonecutter’s leftmost slot, a selection of blocks will appear there.

What You can Use Smooth Stone for in Minecraft

Stone with no ridges or other surface irregularities is a simple building material. However, it can withstand blasts and looks wonderful when finished, making it an excellent material for building a house or fort.

Try using smooth stone instead of dirt or standard cobblestone for your next construction project. It’ll be a lot neater to look at. In any case, you can use your polished rock, somr iron, and a furnace to create a blast furnace.

When compared to normal Furnaces, Blast Furnaces can smelt twice as fast, and when put inside a town, they can transform any local Villager into an Armorer.

Last but not least, you can get a total of six smooth stone slabs by filling the bottom three slots of a Crafting Table with the material. These are smooth stones that are only one-half the height of regular stones.

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Smelting stone into a smoother form is required. Cobblestone is the byproduct of mining normal stone in Minecraft. Two separate smelting procedures are required to transform rough stone like cobblestone into polished stone.

This stone can now be used, albeit in restricted crafting methods. Its silky finish and ornamental potential make it a favorite among players.

If you have the necessary game version, this guide will show you how to construct smooth stone blocks and slabs on any platform. Hope you are now aware of how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.


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