How to Access the Steam Screenshot Folder


Steam app is a software that allows you to download games and take their screenshots and store them in your preferred file locations. Here you can create your own ID and then store your screenshots in the hard drive too.

Steam makes you able to take the screenshots of the game while you are playing it just with ‘F12’ key or the hot key.

Steam Screenshot Folder

Also it makes gaming experience a whole lot better and can be used in any device whether any PC, Android or even iOS devices connected via 5Ghz network or Ethernet to a host system and so on.

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How to Create Your Own Steam ID

  • You have to download STEAM app from the browser and then launch it in your PC or any other system.
  • Enter your email address where asked and enter the code sent on your email.
  • Enter your preferred username and then set the password.

How to Find Your Steam ID

  • Open your Steam Client, click ‘view>settings>display Steam URL address when available’ check it and save the changes.
  • Your Steam ID is now displayed on your screen under dropdown option located on upper most left side of your screen named as ‘STORE, LIBRARY, COMMUNITY,YOUR NAME’.
  • Or,
  • Go to your Steam profile and click ‘VIEW PROFILE’ and the numbers located at the end is your Steam ID that you can use to locate your saved pictures.

How to Download Your New Steam Games

  • You go to the store and either purchase or select the ‘free to play’ option in order to play your games and take their in-game screenshots.
  • The information about each game is provided so select according to your preferences.

How to Take in-game Screenshot

  • Once the game is downloaded, run it and once you are done ,take the screenshot of the in-game screen using the ‘hot key’ or the ‘F12’ key on your keypad.
  • The screenshot is taken and now is in your Steam ID folder.
  • You can publish and also upload these in-game screenshots on your Steam profile or any other social media platforms.

How to Find and Access Your Screenshots

  • You can usually find them in your Steam profile or other social media platforms.
  • But in case you find difficulties.

There are two ways of finding them:

Method 1 – The Screenshot Manager

Use your Steam client to view all the in-game taken screenshots using Screenshot manager. To open screenshot manager:

Step 1 – Open your steam window. Most upper left of the screen, find dropdown named ‘VIEW‘.

Step 2 – Click ‘VIEW‘ > ‘SCREENSHOTS‘. You can upload preferred screenshot or delete it. For the hard drive, you can access the screenshots by clicking ‘SHOW ON DISK‘. In case you find any screenshot worthless, delete it from hard drive and it is deleted permanently.

Now you can have access to all the in-game screenshots and use them however and whenever you desire to.

Method 2 – Accessing The Screenshot Folder Physically

When you wish to access the screenshots offline. You can have it all by saving them manually to any folder in your pc. These are also saved physically in your file location. Here all the taken in-game screenshots are being saved physically or manually.

The default location for this is Local Disk C of your PC or any other system. Now you can access these screenshots as preferred by you.

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That’s all on the subject. Hope this guide proved useful to you. Thank you for reading! Happy gaming!


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